My wife and I met with Melanie on August 4 with the intentions of seeking guidance for our spiritual growth/paths. Needless to say we left our meeting with so much more than we had ever anticipated!! We both had several relatives show up to provide messages that we needed to hear. True to form, my mother showed up a whole day early to ensure she was first in line to deliver a few much needed messages to me. Melanie impressed us both by being able to relay multiple messages from so many of our loved ones. She even conveyed a message from my deceased sister that she had left some things unsaid. My wife and I knew immediately that message was intended for my niece, who now has her own appointment so that she can receive the messages her mom wants to share with her.

Melanie envisioned and discussed with us things about our future that absolutely no one else could have possibly known. She delivered a couple of messages from things that happened in our past that needed to be brought to the forefront in order for us to deal with and put to rest. We were both also told about some potential health issues (we already were aware of) that our loved ones wanted to draw our attention to more closely.

I have to say, unlike my wife, I was a bit skeptical at first….maybe that is why my mom was first in line with her messages, because any doubts I may have had left very shortly after Melanie started sharing. Not only was Melanie very professional in her delivery, she was very kind and caring with what and how she shared. I am a true believer in Melanie and her abilities……she is THE REAL DEAL!!!! I look forward to future appointments with Melanie.