This is the most heartfelt review I’ve ever written. I hope it will inspire people to open their hearts and discover the many blessings God has provided to help us heal from the pain we will encounter during our existence here on Earth.

Melanie is the most amazing Angel Reader and she has been blessed by God to serve as a Messenger from Heaven. The experience was beyond phenomenal and far exceeded my expectations. It literally moved the core of my soul. Within a minute of my reading, Melanie was able start pouring out the pain in my heart and literally grasp the core of my soul. I’ve experienced death many times but I’ve always managed to heal and move on. My mother recently passed away and I immediately fell into a deep state of depression. I prayed each day for the strength to heal and move on but the pain only grew heavier and more unbearable each day. As soon as I met Melanie, that cloud of depression that hovered over me was completely removed. I’ve experienced readings in the past but my spiritual guide passed away many years ago. I prayed each day for someone with her gift.  God’s gift to me and the answer to my prayer was my time with Melanie and it was the most magical healing moment of my life. I still cry when I think of my mother but my tears are now of joy knowing she is truly happy and at Peace in Heaven. My road to recovery is much easier now thanks to God and the gift He has given to Melanie to help those dealing with the pain of a loved one, she is a genuine Godsend.