I had such an “amazing” (for lack of a stronger word) experience with Melanie. From the phone call setting up my appointment all the way through the end, I felt that she was someone who would connect with me on more levels than I expected. Throughout my reading and hours after, I was on such a spiritual high, but take my warning, you will be exhausted afterwards from all the knowledge she shares.

Melanie did a phenomenal job communicating with me through the reading and explaining what she was experiencing, seeing, feeling and hearing so that I could understand the messages that were coming through. I never felt uncomfortable or awkward, just eager and open. It was as if I was sitting with a longtime friend even though we had just met.

For the skeptics out there, I believe she is the real deal. She knew so much, so many “inside” details that one outside of my close circle could never know. If you go to a reading with her, you have to be patient and open, not for her but for your loved ones to get their message through. She has a wonderful gift of being a tool of communication.

10 out of 10 I would attend another reading and recommend others to her. She was worth every penny for the toll it takes on her to perform these readings. The only negative is that I don’t live closer to her, but she is well worth my drive!

Thank you Melanie!!

Laura Bingham