I have a few things to mention.

1 ) I had no idea that someone in SouthEast Texas was a legit medium.
A co-worker of mine recommended Melanie when I mentioned doing a positive team-building experience.
I think that I was skeptical even after booking the session but I figured that the worst that could happen is that we wouldn’t get anything valuable from it.

WELL, from the word “go”, Melanie was ON-POINT. There were SO MANY things mentioned that were impossible for her to know (from someone telling her or doing research) or that she could guess…things that weren’t ever mentioned anywhere in print or online. It was uncanny.

This brings me to my next point : I’ve kind of always been a human lie-detector & there wasn’t one part of me that felt like Melanie wasn’t being genuine. So, with her you can expect genuine/honest spirit-given details that have you feeling lighter & a little more at peace KNOWING, without a doubt, that the ones we love who die are STILL there for you ANYTIME YOU NEED THEM, just in a different way.

2 ) I’ve kind of struggled with anxiety & A.D.D. behavior my whole life. It has been brought to my attention (by Melanie) that I was a born psychic, and those previously mentioned symptoms are associated with being an empath & absorbing other spirit & people’s energies (this is also confirmed in Pat Longo’s book “The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety”).

Honestly, there are MANY times in my life that I’ve intuitively felt/heard/or KNOWN things that I couldn’t possibly know was going to happen. I thought this was strange sometimes but I certainly didn’t think I was receiving messages. I know now that those times that I’m referring to WAS spirit communicating with me & showing me things…NOT JUST MY IMAGINATION.

Does that ever happen to you?

If so, you might be interested in finding & developing YOUR OWN spiritual gifts.
I know you’re saying “I don’t have any special abilities.”
The question is, are you ready to start exploring that side of yourself?

Push doubt aside & contact Melanie to either have a personal reading OR regarding her mentorship (weekly zoom meetings).
It’s quite honestly the best money I’ve ever spent & it is SO NICE to be with a group of like-minded people/new friends.
I participated in May’s meetings & will be joining up in June, also.
I look forward to fine-tuning these skills & adding more tools to my belt.
See you there!