I had a phone reading with Melanie and was amazed at her gift! She is accurate, compassionate, loving and caring and understanding. She didn’t rush through my reading. She gave me the time and answers I so desperately needed and gave my heart some comfort. I can’t explain what I have gone through since the death of my son, my only child. The only way to describe it in words, is hell and torment. Melanie gave me confidence that life goes on when we leave this one and that our loved ones are still with us. She knew things she never should have! For me, that gave me some peace knowing that my son is still around and sending me signs and messages of love. I can’t Thank you enough Melanie, for the gifts you gave me that night, by sharing your amazing gift to help me endure my grief in the loss of my son and restoring hope in me!
Forever grateful, Elaine