I received my reading today and it was beyond what I expected. After I booked my appointment I did a lot of praying and asked my family to please visit Melanie and come through for me. As our visit began Melanie explained that a lot of my people have been with her for a couple days. I received communication from my father, my sweet daughter who had passed before birth, my sister and my mother. Both my grandmothers and my husband’s grandmother came through with a message. A few points that were touched on was my health, my family members reaction to their journey crossing over. I was comforted to know my dad and daughter are with me always. I was comforted to know my sister didn’t regret crossing over and was happy to stay. Melanie was spot on with each persons character. She knew details that no one else knew. The reading was full of energy and when my family stepped back I could feel the energy shift. I’m looking forward the workshops and circles Melanie offers. I know in my heart I didn’t come across Melanie by accident but was guided by my spirits.