“( First reading ) I went for my first reading for Melanie to do , with my husband. His mom and dad have passed . I prayed to God that if Melanie was real that God give Heath some kind of peace in his heart. His dad dies in his arms when he was 20 yrs old and his mom passed . He was not able to tell her goodbye. He was skeptical about how true Melanie’s vision’s are or her as a person if she was even for real . So … As Melanie knew nothing about us . She caught on to my husband right away . She told him , “You are not sure about me ” . He answered her honestly and said ” not really “, and laughed it off. He was just there for me . Well…. It turned out that Heath’s family was more active in that reading then mine. My grandmother let herself be known real quick . She has always been the sassy red head you knew when she entered the room alive or in spirit. Then , Heath’s brother ” Dennis ” a spirit with a high energy level was there wanting to talk to Heath. Melanie described Health’s brother , and dad. Told me about my other grandmother who passed when I was a little girl. How she plays with my daughters hair , and loves my kids that she has only been around in spirit. Melanie described things about my grandmother favorite color , how I use to make necklaces. all this things this women could of never know about me . We both left Melanie’s house with peace & love in our hearts . She is real , she is blessed by God for good not for evil ….

( Second reading ) I call this one ” Lost in the dark ” I am an addict and alcoholic this year I would of had six years clean and sober . I stopped going to meetings , I got busy with life, and I forgot where I came from . I had a couple of drinks . My mind said ” you can drink , it’s ok you will not go crazy like you use to ” I told my husband and my family . They were all scared because my past is not a good one . I have been in the dark and then went into a hole . I was beyond human aid. Only God could get me out . I stayed sober for all most six years . Thinking I can drink and go back into that hole. My mind played tricks on me. I prayed to God to help me see if I am wrong or if I really can drink. That’s when I started seeing my family that had passed in my dreams . I couldn’t remember what they would say I just will wake up and know they were there. I was so confused . I called Melanie, ” I need a reading”! I get there she says, ” what kind of reading are you wanting because I see this situation is terminal ” The disease of addiction is terminal !! I tell her just a little . And … She then opened my eyes and mind to the blindness I was in . This reading saved my life I believe that in my heart. She gave me advice and told me how all my angels are here trying to protect me from the evil that has attached to me. See…. The closer we get to God , to more the evil waits for s to become weak . In July I became weak in my spiritual relationship with God because I turned my back on him . As I was awakened to this moment of clarity I see where I feel short and I now see where I have to be selfless and help others . Standing firm on my foundation of my God of understanding. I have a lot of work to do . But… I’m not alone my angels are here and so is God. Thank you Melanie I am now a recycled angel and I chose to live !”