” I went to your house for a group question and answer type meeting for you to explain what a medium was. I really had no expectations due to the fact that I did not know what I was going to. I mean I knew what a medium was I just didn’t know what to expect. We were late lol and you met us at the door. I sat down and you started telling me that a man was very adamant about me being there. What you didn’t know was it was the 10th anniversary of my father being hit on a motorcycle and I had to pass the scene to get to your house. You started explaining it was either my father or my grandfather and with one single word I knew exactly who it was. That word was a word that would only mean something to me and it was only connected to one person. My father. Bone fires were something that was a big thing to both of us. It was something that always brought up great memories. It was our bonding time. I instantly started to cry but I also froze. At that point you pretty much explained his passing. You would explain feelings that would sum up everything that went on. I remember thinking how was this possible. I was so stunned I couldn’t think all I could do was cry. Then with two more simple words you made me bust out laughing. Pancakes and peanut butter. (Which I still think is gross by the way) But he loved it. You did help me find peace that night. But you also helped me understand where my anxiety came from. As horrible as my dads passing was there was another person that came up and his name was joe. He was the first person I ever remember passing away that wasn’t an aunt or uncle that was just old. He was the first tragedy I remember. I’m thirty six years old and some thing that happened when I was in ninth grade came up. What are the chances of that? All in all I would say you helped me have a better understanding of my self. You helped me discover where my fear truly came from, you helped me to gain a little peace in my fathers passing, and you helped me learn that it was ok that I was a little screwed up from these things. But the most amazing part is I only said about five words. There was no story line given for you to piece a puzzle together. There was my story told by you not me and I think that was the most amazing part. You are truly blessed and you know that but I don’t think you truly know how much you bless others. I don’t know if I did ever tell you thank you but just in case I didn’t. THANK YOU”