Amazing reading!

I’m honestly still really blown away by Melanie’s talents and my reading. First of all Melanie is very personable and friendly, talking with her felt like talking with an old friend. I’ve had readings before but none quite like this. Melanie started off right away connecting with my loved ones and the reading just flowed from there. There were many situations in this reading where I said “wow” because things that had never been spoken were discussed. She had messages from spirit that could only have come from my loved ones, it was amazing! A reading with Melanie is well worth it, you won’t be disappointed! She even offered guidance and support in my own spiritual journey in reference to what my next steps should be! I will definitely be using Melanie’s services again! If you have any hesitation whether you should purchase a reading, I’m telling you… it will change your life!

Emily dodson

I would recommend a reading

I would recommend a reading with Melanie it was a truly unique experience she gave me great advice, guidance and reassurance. She was also guided to give me a couple of great tools to help my journey. Thank you so much, I’ll definitely be back!

Jaleesha Giron

Gathering of friends

I have been taking the circle or groups that Melanie offers each week. I can tell you that I look forward to this gathering each week and will continue to join them as long as she offers them. I enjoy the knowledge shared and the guidance. I enjoy the other woman and their stories as they share. I’m growing spiritually and developing friendships. In our current pandemic it’s nice to have this hour to escape and join this group to stay in touch with positive people. I’ve had a personal reading by Melanie which was amazing and I’ve joined her in a group reading which was awesome to observe. She is gifted and I think she is such a blessing. The groups are reasonably priced for what is gained.

Lailani Hetzel

Psychic Mediumship circle

I was so excited to see Melanie starting a psychic development class! I love Melanie and her abilities are mind blowing. When Melanie read me for the first time she told me I had abilities and that i come from a long line of mediums and psychics. So when this opportunity became available I was so excited to have Melanie as a teacher and guide to work and grow my abilities. Not only is she a great teacher but I’ve also enjoyed having a community of people that understand your interests, abilities, and the work of connecting with the other side.

I enjoy this class and my classmates so much that i signed up again. We support each other and encourage each other as we learn. I love it!!!


Have NO doubt, Melanie is the REAL DEAL

I have a few things to mention.

1 ) I had no idea that someone in SouthEast Texas was a legit medium.
A co-worker of mine recommended Melanie when I mentioned doing a positive team-building experience.
I think that I was skeptical even after booking the session but I figured that the worst that could happen is that we wouldn’t get anything valuable from it.

WELL, from the word “go”, Melanie was ON-POINT. There were SO MANY things mentioned that were impossible for her to know (from someone telling her or doing research) or that she could guess…things that weren’t ever mentioned anywhere in print or online. It was uncanny.

This brings me to my next point : I’ve kind of always been a human lie-detector & there wasn’t one part of me that felt like Melanie wasn’t being genuine. So, with her you can expect genuine/honest spirit-given details that have you feeling lighter & a little more at peace KNOWING, without a doubt, that the ones we love who die are STILL there for you ANYTIME YOU NEED THEM, just in a different way.

2 ) I’ve kind of struggled with anxiety & A.D.D. behavior my whole life. It has been brought to my attention (by Melanie) that I was a born psychic, and those previously mentioned symptoms are associated with being an empath & absorbing other spirit & people’s energies (this is also confirmed in Pat Longo’s book “The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety”).

Honestly, there are MANY times in my life that I’ve intuitively felt/heard/or KNOWN things that I couldn’t possibly know was going to happen. I thought this was strange sometimes but I certainly didn’t think I was receiving messages. I know now that those times that I’m referring to WAS spirit communicating with me & showing me things…NOT JUST MY IMAGINATION.

Does that ever happen to you?

If so, you might be interested in finding & developing YOUR OWN spiritual gifts.
I know you’re saying “I don’t have any special abilities.”
The question is, are you ready to start exploring that side of yourself?

Push doubt aside & contact Melanie to either have a personal reading OR regarding her mentorship (weekly zoom meetings).
It’s quite honestly the best money I’ve ever spent & it is SO NICE to be with a group of like-minded people/new friends.
I participated in May’s meetings & will be joining up in June, also.
I look forward to fine-tuning these skills & adding more tools to my belt.
See you there!

Jessi Hebert

Absolutely Amazing!!!!

I had my first session with Melanie yesterday. All I can say is, “WOW!!!!” She is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!! The way that Spririt works through her is AMAZING!!!! My Daddy passed six months ago and I “knew” that certain things had taken place before he passed, yet, I had no way of confirming any of it. I received that confirmation yesterday!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Melanie to anyone who is seeking guidance and/or healing on any level!!!!

Cindy Deering

Amazing Reunion

I received my reading today and it was beyond what I expected. After I booked my appointment I did a lot of praying and asked my family to please visit Melanie and come through for me. As our visit began Melanie explained that a lot of my people have been with her for a couple days. I received communication from my father, my sweet daughter who had passed before birth, my sister and my mother. Both my grandmothers and my husband’s grandmother came through with a message. A few points that were touched on was my health, my family members reaction to their journey crossing over. I was comforted to know my dad and daughter are with me always. I was comforted to know my sister didn’t regret crossing over and was happy to stay. Melanie was spot on with each persons character. She knew details that no one else knew. The reading was full of energy and when my family stepped back I could feel the energy shift. I’m looking forward the workshops and circles Melanie offers. I know in my heart I didn’t come across Melanie by accident but was guided by my spirits.

Lailani Hetzel

One of a kind experience!

Melanie was amazing, so humble and very comforting! She helped my sister and I connect with our mother. She gave us reassurance that we desperately needed! She helped all three of us in different ways, ways that we didn’t even know we needed help with! It’s truly amazing what she does and how she’s able to help people! I will definitely go see her again! Thank you so much for everything, Melanie!

Taylor Lowe

This experience was a blessing!

My sisters and I recently had a reading with Melanie. We were extremely nervous but Melanie made us feel so comfortable and at home. She truly has a gift! Our mother recently passed and we wanted nothing more than to be able to talk to our mom. Melanie helped us do just that! Melanie helped us heal from our mothers sudden passing. This experience was amazing and a blessing! We will be making another appointment with Melanie. Thank you so much for helping us!

Brittany Picard

Melanie is amazing

Just left a group reading at Melanie’s. It was awesome. Everyone got what they needed. Some were surprised, there were some tears, and there was some laughter. If you have ever thought about getting a reading Melanie is the one to go to. She is down to earth, straight forward, and gentle. She is the real deal and the best!!

Micki Matthews

Melanie was awesome! I was

Melanie was awesome! I was very nervous to actually go to a medium but she made me very comfortable early on. I was also very nervous that because I have had the misfortune of loosing quite a few people and was worried that I may take up too much time if all of my people decided to come through at once. She was very good about making sure that each person was able to connect with the spirt surrounding them, and were 10 different people in the room. It was such a good experience that none of us were ready to leave at the end. She hugged each one of us but none of us left because we were all so wrapped up in the moment that we didn’t want to leave in case someone else popped up with something for us to learn. I can’t wait to go back to her and bring some of my loved ones so that they can experience this. Truly so grateful!

Haley Seymour

This is overdue!

This is overdue! I had my second reading with sweet Melanie about a month ago. I ‘ditto’ what others have said and highly recommend Melanie. Truth and validation … she gave me peace for the past and excitement for the future!

Laura Allensworth

Peace of Mind

I went in for a reading with Melanie in regards to my recently deceased son. She recognized his. Strong spirit right away. My mother also made an appearance. I was able to get answers to family delemas and a laugh or two! I was able to understand my son’s soul was at peace and surrounded with many loved ones. I was brought to such a peaceful place that I returned a few months later with his oldest son. He was able to reach out to his father. Melanie is very professional and brought so much comfort to my heart. I look forward to introducing his other two children to her in future appointments. She has a true gift with a touch of reality.

Dale romriell

WOWED!!! I went in for

WOWED!!! I went in for a career path reading and my loved ones that have passed said otherwise. I’ve been read several times before, but nothing compares to the accuracy of this one!!!

Christy Ellisor

The Real Deal

My wife and I met with Melanie on August 4 with the intentions of seeking guidance for our spiritual growth/paths. Needless to say we left our meeting with so much more than we had ever anticipated!! We both had several relatives show up to provide messages that we needed to hear. True to form, my mother showed up a whole day early to ensure she was first in line to deliver a few much needed messages to me. Melanie impressed us both by being able to relay multiple messages from so many of our loved ones. She even conveyed a message from my deceased sister that she had left some things unsaid. My wife and I knew immediately that message was intended for my niece, who now has her own appointment so that she can receive the messages her mom wants to share with her.

Melanie envisioned and discussed with us things about our future that absolutely no one else could have possibly known. She delivered a couple of messages from things that happened in our past that needed to be brought to the forefront in order for us to deal with and put to rest. We were both also told about some potential health issues (we already were aware of) that our loved ones wanted to draw our attention to more closely.

I have to say, unlike my wife, I was a bit skeptical at first….maybe that is why my mom was first in line with her messages, because any doubts I may have had left very shortly after Melanie started sharing. Not only was Melanie very professional in her delivery, she was very kind and caring with what and how she shared. I am a true believer in Melanie and her abilities……she is THE REAL DEAL!!!! I look forward to future appointments with Melanie.

Mike & Renee

Melanie is so amazing!

I have known Melanie for a year now and everything time I meet with her I am blown by her gift. I can always get a good laugh from her, especially when connecting with my fiesty mother. I wasn’t feeling myself for a couple of weeks, so yesterday I decided to try Chakra Balancing. I was a little anxious because I did not know what to expect but Melanie always ensure I am comfortable. During the session, I could feel the negative energy leaving my body and I was so relaxed, it literally felt like I was floating. I am so appreciative of Melanie, she is such a blessing. I highly recommend her services.

Allison L Thompson

If you’ve ever wanted to do this… this is your lady!

Melanie is the real deal! There’s no other way to put it. If you’re skeptical I highly recommend you give Melanie a try. I had a reading done before but still had unanswered questions. I talk to my deceased loved ones daily, I acknowledge them and ask for their guidance and help. I lost a baby almost 2 years ago and it crushed me and honestly I still haven’t healed completely from it. My daughter lived for 12 hours and something on the autopsy report always stuck with me. I went to this meeting with only needing that question answered… boy did she deliver. This was the best decision I could’ve ever made. She’s very professional and so down to earth. I can’t thank her enough.

Cherisse Jackson

I’m not here to make

I’m not here to make anyone a believer by my testimony,I’m doing it because my reading and visit was more than a blessing for my family and I. Melanie knew more information than I knew myself, she was so calming and so encouraging. She has given me such a more positive outlook on how to except things and how to get rid of negative energy! I look forward to visiting her again. I encourage anyone who is dealing with any hardship or unanswered questions and even prayers give her the time to help you! It’s so worth it!

Brooke Dobbins

Prodigious Messenger of God

This is the most heartfelt review I’ve ever written. I hope it will inspire people to open their hearts and discover the many blessings God has provided to help us heal from the pain we will encounter during our existence here on Earth.

Melanie is the most amazing Angel Reader and she has been blessed by God to serve as a Messenger from Heaven. The experience was beyond phenomenal and far exceeded my expectations. It literally moved the core of my soul. Within a minute of my reading, Melanie was able start pouring out the pain in my heart and literally grasp the core of my soul. I’ve experienced death many times but I’ve always managed to heal and move on. My mother recently passed away and I immediately fell into a deep state of depression. I prayed each day for the strength to heal and move on but the pain only grew heavier and more unbearable each day. As soon as I met Melanie, that cloud of depression that hovered over me was completely removed. I’ve experienced readings in the past but my spiritual guide passed away many years ago. I prayed each day for someone with her gift.  God’s gift to me and the answer to my prayer was my time with Melanie and it was the most magical healing moment of my life. I still cry when I think of my mother but my tears are now of joy knowing she is truly happy and at Peace in Heaven. My road to recovery is much easier now thanks to God and the gift He has given to Melanie to help those dealing with the pain of a loved one, she is a genuine Godsend.

Luvera Ford

The best desicion ever made

I am having a hard time finding the right words to describe just how utterly amazing Melanie and her gift is. My mom and I had our first reading together yesterday, and it was the craziest and the most amazing experience. This was something my mom and I had wanted to do for a long time. We wanted to try to connect with my grandpa (her dad) and my best friend who passed away when she was 16. Melanie was able to connect with my grandpa within the first 2 minutes of our reading. She was also able to connect with many other family members who had passed, but my grandpa was the one who came through the strongest. We were also able to connect with my best friend. She even told me that my best friend is my daughter’s guardian angel which just made my heart so happy.

Melanie knew very specific details about our lives that no one else would know about. For example, she knew about my granny having pet raccoons when she was young (which I didn’t even know about! But my mom knew about it).. She knew about our matching heart tattoos without ever seeing them. She also validated that my grandpa messes with the smoke detectors in my home, and closes doors in my granny’s home. I called my granny today to tell her about our reading and she confirmed that she hears shutting doors every day! She knew specific details from each of my children’s births and also about certain details and situations from my sister’s life (without my sister being there).

This experience with Melanie was so much more than I ever expected. I left her feeling a sense of peace, and I even got some unexpected closure about my dad and our current situation (Again, another specific detail that she would not know about), and I know that my mom was able to get some closure about her dad as well.

We drove over 4 hours to see Melanie and it was 110% worth it. I would do it 10 times over again because of how amazing this experience was for me. If you are thinking of calling her to set up a reading you need to DO IT. You will not regret it! I know that I will be reaching out to her again!

I know I’ve told you a couple times now, but I just wanted to thank you again Melanie! Yesterday is a day that I will never forget. Thank you times a million for giving my mom and I the chance to connect with our loved ones again. We appreciate you so much ♥️

Ashley Plonkey

He was the love of my life!

Melanie WOW!!!! She sure is amazing she gave me the assurance, peace, closure and LOVE I longed for she told me things only me and him knew to be true. She made me a believer without this meeting I would still be wondering, unsure and lost and feeling guily but I’m stronger now more then ever knowing he is always with US keeps me and our boys going. Knowing he sat with me ALONE WHILE I cried when I needed him the most and knowing he held me up through his mom at his funeral who can make this shit up no one this is real he loves me still and I can feel what is true he is and will always be my Soulmate. Thank you Melanie without you this wouldn’t be possible. I am forever grateful for your gift you have shared with US.

Leslie Solis

I went into my meeting

I went into my meeting with Melanie being Skeptical about what she had to say, but a lot of the information she gave me there was no other way for her to know without being able do what she does. It was great meeting with Melanie. She is an awesome person who has the best intentions of helping others. I left her feeling so much peace when I haven’t felt that in a long time. Thank you so much Melanie you are wonderful!


Oh My Goodness

I had such an “amazing” (for lack of a stronger word) experience with Melanie. From the phone call setting up my appointment all the way through the end, I felt that she was someone who would connect with me on more levels than I expected. Throughout my reading and hours after, I was on such a spiritual high, but take my warning, you will be exhausted afterwards from all the knowledge she shares.

Melanie did a phenomenal job communicating with me through the reading and explaining what she was experiencing, seeing, feeling and hearing so that I could understand the messages that were coming through. I never felt uncomfortable or awkward, just eager and open. It was as if I was sitting with a longtime friend even though we had just met.

For the skeptics out there, I believe she is the real deal. She knew so much, so many “inside” details that one outside of my close circle could never know. If you go to a reading with her, you have to be patient and open, not for her but for your loved ones to get their message through. She has a wonderful gift of being a tool of communication.

10 out of 10 I would attend another reading and recommend others to her. She was worth every penny for the toll it takes on her to perform these readings. The only negative is that I don’t live closer to her, but she is well worth my drive!

Thank you Melanie!!

Laura Bingham

Laura H. Bingham

Amazing and spot on

I went into this reading hoping to connect with my father in law who passed away almost 20 years ago , I feel his presence in my home and today Melanie confirmed this she was spot on with so many things , I have a lot of personal issues going on in my life at this time and she made me feel so good that my situation is going to be okay that my father in law is with me at all times. Melanie is a good person she makes you feel comfortable, she has been given a gift so people can connect with their loved ones. I miss my father in law but happy that he is with me on this ride we call life. Thank you , I will definitely be meeting with Melanie again.

Carrie Labouve

My husband has been sick

My husband has been sick for a long time and the doctor’s have not been able to figure out what is going on. I was at my wits in. I decided to try Melanie since she really helped with my mom and niece. She did not disappoint! She knew EVERY single thing that was wrong and happening. We got some good direction to try and left with some peace of mind. I have been truly pleased with both my experiences. I will be going back and get my own reading.

Lisa Revia Carley

A couple of weeks ago,

A couple of weeks ago, I brought my Mom and niece to see Melanie. I was in desperate need for some answers for my Mom to have some peace after some devastating things were tormenting her. We not only got the answers and some peace for her but my niece heard that what she desperately wants will work out for her. There was absolutely NO WAY that anyone would have known what either my mom or niece needed except for us 3. Melanie is the real deal.

Lisa Revia Carley

Such a blessing!

The time I spent with her was phenomenal. She was spot on with so much. She brought me so much closer to finding peace within myself after so much death in the last 2 years. I will definantly be going back to see her and bringing my mother with me. Thank you again for all you did for me and making me feel so comfortable.


Truly Blessed

My very first reading was a year ago and the details she knew, and the messages she provided to me and my mom, were more than either one of us could have ever even hoped for. Some of the details even took time for us to figure out exactly what they meant after we left, but they were all spot on, true and very healing. Since then I have been back for other readings and have also attended several of her events, each time she amazes me with these gifts that she has been given. Never have I been disappointed (except with time, there is never enough and it seems like it goes quicker). She is a truly heartfelt, honest and unique individual and I feel truly blessed to have had these experiences with her.

Sherrie Willoughby

Spot On As Always

Thank you Melanie for sharing your God given gift once more. Not only have you always been spot on with all you have to share but you also always create comfort where there is fear and you have the ability to soothe away anger and rage. I have been blessed that God put you in my path and I look forward to the journey.

Vanessa Ellis

Yesterday was my 3rd time

Yesterday was my 3rd time to sit and talk with Melanie. Before we even sat down she provided true validation that my son’s spirit was very much present. Messages were given for myself,family members and a friend that was actually called by name!! Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my son’s passing and the peace my heart feels today is wonderful . EVERYONE should experience this amazing woman and her gift.Not just me ,but the healing of my entire family is priceless

Jan Acosta Freeman

Just what I needed

Going through personal termoil in my life, with health issues, and so many losses of loved ones so dear to me leaving me feeling quite at a loss of which direction my life was going. One visit from whom so many of my loved ones bombarded her for their moment with me, that gave me such peace of mind that my life is going to be okay and better , I was truly amazed.. with amazed being to soft of a word to describe the doors Melanie opened for me.. I so needed this.. I was getting to my low point in life and now know I have so many in the spirit world who have my back as to say, Thank you Melanie.. I recommend her to everyone as the top notch true real deal, so many of my family came through with such details that no one but I myself just learned about.. My minds still in Awe!!

Patti Doolittle

I cannot put into words

I cannot put into words how amazing my reading with Melanie was. She gave me closure on things that I had been avoiding. Helped guide me, and is doing so even further in the subscription group. I highly recommend the group for anyone wanting to explore their gifts. Not only do you get helpful information, live readings/chats, and discounts, and so much more, from Melanie, the other members in the group are fantastic too! If you are looking into the mediumship or mentoring, sign up for the group!! You wont be disappointed!

Brittany Walter

Mediumship Reading

Today, I had my first reading with Melanie and let me start by saying she is the real deal! Melanie was 100% accurate throughout the entire reading. I was amazed with the precise details and I loved her sense of humor. She was also very direct and honest. I highly recommend Melanie and I will definitely be seeing her again.

Allison Thompson

Yesterday i had Reiki healing

Yesterday i had Reiki healing for the first time. It was a treat i gave myself in hope of getting through my sons heavenly birthday today. It was amazing and i will be doing it again. Melanie is such an amazing special person . Thank you Melanie

Jan Acosta Freeman

I did a Reiki Healing

I did a Reiki Healing session with Melanie today. I’ve never tried it before and didn’t know what to expect but I was lead to make this appointment. It was amazing! I was suffering from anxiety and could not figure out the exact reason behind it. It was driving me crazy, literally! I walked away not only feeling lighter and less anxious, but this helped answer questions that I could never seem to find the answer to. Possible reasons behind my anxiety and fears. This opened up new doors for me in my self healing process.
Melanie has a true gift from God and I love how she uses it to help others. I feel like it was the best therapy session I’ve ever had! This may have been my first session, but it definitely will not be my last!

April G


I had a phone reading with Melanie and was amazed at her gift! She is accurate, compassionate, loving and caring and understanding. She didn’t rush through my reading. She gave me the time and answers I so desperately needed and gave my heart some comfort. I can’t explain what I have gone through since the death of my son, my only child. The only way to describe it in words, is hell and torment. Melanie gave me confidence that life goes on when we leave this one and that our loved ones are still with us. She knew things she never should have! For me, that gave me some peace knowing that my son is still around and sending me signs and messages of love. I can’t Thank you enough Melanie, for the gifts you gave me that night, by sharing your amazing gift to help me endure my grief in the loss of my son and restoring hope in me!
Forever grateful, Elaine

Elaine Tompkins

I have had several readings

I have had several readings from Melanie. I find her to be accurate in her predictions and insight. Today something happened which I couldn’t believe. Yesterday she read me and I was shocked to hear what she had to say. Today it was confirmed to me. First Melanie could not have known about any of this. Secondly she brought it to me without me inquiring. Pretty amazing. Plus she always makes me laugh during our readings. She is a good person who had been given an amazing gift to help people. I encourage you to schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

Debra Guariglia

Melanie, it was so great

Melanie, it was so great talking to you! Thank you for helping me to re-focus and get back to where I’m supposed to be. You validated a lot of what I felt, and I am grateful for the messages you delivered. You have an amazing gift! And I really appreciate the realness of your demeanor. Thank you again ~

Becky Russell

“( First reading ) I went for my first reading for Melanie to do , with my husband. His mom and dad have passed . I prayed to God that if Melanie was real that God give Heath some kind of peace in his heart. His dad dies in his arms when he was 20 yrs old and his mom passed . He was not able to tell her goodbye. He was skeptical about how true Melanie’s vision’s are or her as a person if she was even for real . So … As Melanie knew nothing about us . She caught on to my husband right away . She told him , “You are not sure about me ” . He answered her honestly and said ” not really “, and laughed it off. He was just there for me . Well…. It turned out that Heath’s family was more active in that reading then mine. My grandmother let herself be known real quick . She has always been the sassy red head you knew when she entered the room alive or in spirit. Then , Heath’s brother ” Dennis ” a spirit with a high energy level was there wanting to talk to Heath. Melanie described Health’s brother , and dad. Told me about my other grandmother who passed when I was a little girl. How she plays with my daughters hair , and loves my kids that she has only been around in spirit. Melanie described things about my grandmother favorite color , how I use to make necklaces. all this things this women could of never know about me . We both left Melanie’s house with peace & love in our hearts . She is real , she is blessed by God for good not for evil ….

( Second reading ) I call this one ” Lost in the dark ” I am an addict and alcoholic this year I would of had six years clean and sober . I stopped going to meetings , I got busy with life, and I forgot where I came from . I had a couple of drinks . My mind said ” you can drink , it’s ok you will not go crazy like you use to ” I told my husband and my family . They were all scared because my past is not a good one . I have been in the dark and then went into a hole . I was beyond human aid. Only God could get me out . I stayed sober for all most six years . Thinking I can drink and go back into that hole. My mind played tricks on me. I prayed to God to help me see if I am wrong or if I really can drink. That’s when I started seeing my family that had passed in my dreams . I couldn’t remember what they would say I just will wake up and know they were there. I was so confused . I called Melanie, ” I need a reading”! I get there she says, ” what kind of reading are you wanting because I see this situation is terminal ” The disease of addiction is terminal !! I tell her just a little . And … She then opened my eyes and mind to the blindness I was in . This reading saved my life I believe that in my heart. She gave me advice and told me how all my angels are here trying to protect me from the evil that has attached to me. See…. The closer we get to God , to more the evil waits for s to become weak . In July I became weak in my spiritual relationship with God because I turned my back on him . As I was awakened to this moment of clarity I see where I feel short and I now see where I have to be selfless and help others . Standing firm on my foundation of my God of understanding. I have a lot of work to do . But… I’m not alone my angels are here and so is God. Thank you Melanie I am now a recycled angel and I chose to live !”


” I went to your house for a group question and answer type meeting for you to explain what a medium was. I really had no expectations due to the fact that I did not know what I was going to. I mean I knew what a medium was I just didn’t know what to expect. We were late lol and you met us at the door. I sat down and you started telling me that a man was very adamant about me being there. What you didn’t know was it was the 10th anniversary of my father being hit on a motorcycle and I had to pass the scene to get to your house. You started explaining it was either my father or my grandfather and with one single word I knew exactly who it was. That word was a word that would only mean something to me and it was only connected to one person. My father. Bone fires were something that was a big thing to both of us. It was something that always brought up great memories. It was our bonding time. I instantly started to cry but I also froze. At that point you pretty much explained his passing. You would explain feelings that would sum up everything that went on. I remember thinking how was this possible. I was so stunned I couldn’t think all I could do was cry. Then with two more simple words you made me bust out laughing. Pancakes and peanut butter. (Which I still think is gross by the way) But he loved it. You did help me find peace that night. But you also helped me understand where my anxiety came from. As horrible as my dads passing was there was another person that came up and his name was joe. He was the first person I ever remember passing away that wasn’t an aunt or uncle that was just old. He was the first tragedy I remember. I’m thirty six years old and some thing that happened when I was in ninth grade came up. What are the chances of that? All in all I would say you helped me have a better understanding of my self. You helped me discover where my fear truly came from, you helped me to gain a little peace in my fathers passing, and you helped me learn that it was ok that I was a little screwed up from these things. But the most amazing part is I only said about five words. There was no story line given for you to piece a puzzle together. There was my story told by you not me and I think that was the most amazing part. You are truly blessed and you know that but I don’t think you truly know how much you bless others. I don’t know if I did ever tell you thank you but just in case I didn’t. THANK YOU”


“When I saw Melanie for my reading she was able to connect with my daddy, mama and sister. Melanie was able to convey their messages to me about things no one outside the four of us knew, and things that no one knew about but me. I was surprised at what my sister knew in the afterlife of what I was doing here on earth. The messages given to me were spot on. It was as if we were all sitting down talking. Which we were just not where I could see them. Thank you Melanie.”


“Melanie has a true beautiful gift she told me things that nobody else known. Gave me peace that I truly needed.”


“Very strong connection and I am very pleased with my reading. Straight forward and not bs. Definitely gonna see her again and she’s got a friend for life.”


“What an amazing woman. The gift she has to share is so powerful and moving. I left the reading feeling better then I have in 5 years. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the peace I needed.”


“I am blown away by the feeling I have right now! You are one awesome woman with talent that is such a blessing to anyone that you come in contact with. I can’t thank you enough for your time with me today!”


“If you don’t believe step out of your boundaries and try her out. I’m always skeptical for someone looking to make a buck on others but Melanie isn’t like that. She told me things that she wouldn’t have ever guessed and made me feel like my loved ones really are around. Thank you again Melanie”


“I am absolutely blow away with how my reading went tonight. She was spot on with everything she told me. It’s hard to explain the feelings I felt as I was driving away but I felt so much peace for the first tie in almost 8 years! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight because I’ just so amazed and excited with what I got. Thank you so so much. You were truly amazing and you gave me a gift I could never thank you enough for!”


“My reading from Melanie blew me away. I was feeling down and kind of lost, and very unsure of myself. She started telling me about different family members that had passed on. She told me I was surrounded by angels. Whenever I mentioned a passed loved one, they would step forward and Melanie would describe them and give me their message. I felt surrounded by love and cried tears of joy. I highly recommend Melanie’s Mediumship services”


“My reading answered so many questions. I connected with my husband and was able to know the decisions I needed to make. I have two readings with Melanie and in the process of another. The reading answers so many questions.”


“I had a reading from Melanie, already knew the answers just needed the validation on it. But the reading got very interesting… my best friends mother came through with a message for her and it was just what she needed at that time. Melanie did a great reading. I didn’t have to tell her things..she already knew!! And I am planning on doing it again real soon, because it was such a great experience.”


“Words cannot describe how thankful I am to Melanie. Skeptical, I scheduled an appointment with her and 60 seconds into my first appointment she blew me away. My life was upside down and in an hour she was able to bring closure and peace. I left our meeting feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.
Melanie gave me the tools and the confidence that I needed to do so. She has been there for me since my first reading. Three months since my first reading and my life has changed drastically. My family is closer than ever, my children are blooming and my marriage has been saved. I scheduled a second reading with her and brought my ‘macho- ever doubting’ husband along for the visit. Ladies and Gentlemen he left there a believer and a bit teary eyed. He was completely moved by the whole experience. Whatever is holding you back, let it go and make your first appointment… I promise you will be glad you did.”


“I wanted to tell you the reading we had was very spot on but most importantly it helped save my daughters life. The one with the weight loss surgery you mentioned she was having stomach issues. I couldn’t shake that I needed to have her checked out again.
The next morning Elizabeth’s doctor (who we work for) came in early walked right in my office and said Debbie I couldn’t sleep half the night I was so worried about Elizabeth. We need to get her into the hospital and get the gastric doctor to see her today. I thought of what you said and I agreed. We had the dr paged and got her admitted. She had a scope today she had the largest ulcer he’s ever seen with a massive blood clot on it. He said it’s so bad that if she ate a bag of potato chips it would rupture. She needed three units of blood.”

Debbie Khan

“Melanie is super specific. She asked me if I’d thought about making soap and I had jut bought soap making supplies the week prior. She also knew I was planning on growing herbs like basil, oregano, and cilantro in pots in my kitchen. She even told me she saw me getting a new job soon. A few weeks later, I landed a job!”


“Melanie has done two readings for me. Both times I was seeking advice and guidance. I have never been disappointed. She brings compassion and exactness to her readings. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be amazed at the energy of her wonderful gift.”